Going Down New Paths

With SOLIDLine, we expanded our product range of clamping technology solutions, while offering our customers the same superior service and high quality they have come to expect from HWR.

Harnessing Innovation to Simplify Products While Improving Their Performance

HWR started selling zero-point and stamping jaw technology in 2013. Since the beginning, we have enthusiastically embraced the potential this technology offers to modern manufacturers. Driven by excellent results, we have helped promote the adoption of these workholding systems by companies seeking uncompromising security and high levels of flexibility. With SOLIDLine, we developed the next step in the evolution of zero-point technology, achieving even better performance to provide customers with the highest possible level of benefit.

Discover our product solutions in milling clamping and zero-point technology
Our Automation Ready Solutions


Mechanical zero point technology


0-point clamping system


Centering vice


5-axis centering vice for contour clamping


Stamping technology


3-jaw manual chuck with SOLIDPoint 96 mounting


Chip fan


Compensating concentric 4-jaw vice

Having the grit
to go down new paths

After 16 years of successful experience developing, manufacturing and refining our [INOLine] clamping technology for turning applications, the next logical step was to apply our technical knowledge to milling. This led to SOLIDLine. Backed by the same expertise, quality and service that the market has come to expect from HWR, SOLIDLine offers a flexible, high performance workholding system for milling applications. To date, over 1,000 manufacturers have joined us on this journey, entrusting HWR to provide them with world-class workholding solutions. We believe in constant improvement and our highly dedicated design, manufacturing and sales staff pursue it relentlessly. Our team works closely with customers to understand their changing needs and develop products that can meet them. This pursuit and our commitment to maximum quality and precision have resulted in a product range that drives our customers’ success.


30 years of experience
and innovation

Three decades of market experience have shown us what works in clamping technology. From our expertise, the INOLine® and SOLIDLine products have emerged.


Worldwide marketing
and support

With over 25 trade partners around the world, we have established a global network to offer our products internationally.

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Save valuable time
with HWR products

HWR products represent practical solutions for practical applications. Our clamping technology saves you time and money.

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