Our high quality and flexible SOLIDLine products can be easily outfitted so you can have the superior service and quality you expect, running unattended 24/7.

As machine run times get longer and the workforce gets smaller, we strive to provide reliable products and outstanding service and support.

When it comes to automation, we understand the level of quality and precision that is required in every operation. Our high precision components have been made to exceed those expectations. As part of our standard practice, we continue to develop, improve, and simplify our products further. We have specialized our line of SOLIDLine workholding products to maintain its quality, flexibility, and reliability, even in 24/7 lights out operations.

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30 years of experience
and innovation

Three decades of market experience have shown us what works in clamping technology. From our expertise, the INOLine® and SOLIDLine products have emerged.


Worldwide marketing
and support

We cooperate with over 25 trade partners across the globe in a fine-meshed network to market our products internationally.

Zeit & Geld

Save valuable time
with HWR products

HWR products represent practical solutions for practical applications. Our clamping technology saves you time and money.

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