The perfect run

Outstanding turning results and considerable cost savings! INOZet® turns your conventional 3-jaw chuck into an extremely flexible, compensating 6-jaw chuck in next-to-no time. And from a compensating INOFlex® 4-jaw chuck a compensating 8-jaw chuck. The INOZet® pendulum system can be adapted to almost any existing 3-jaw chuck from a diameter of 210 mm.

Maximum flexibility

The innovative INOZet® clamping system was presented to the public in 2010 and honoured with the NORTEC Award at the Nortec in Hamburg. Since then there has been a continuous increase in the number of users. The INOZet® clamping system offers crucial advantages particularly when clamping deformation-sensitive parts, out-of round components or parts deformed by thermal treatment. With INOZet®, HWR has redefined the state of the art in technology : an existing 3- or 4-jaw chuck ist turned into a compensating 6- or 8-jaw chuck in next-to-no time. The pendulum mechanism gives the pendulum bridges a compensating effect, thus permitting low-deformation 6- or rather 8-point-clamping. Doubling the number of clamping points ensures that the clamping pressure is introduced more evenly into the workpiece, with a crucial reduction in polygon formation.

  • Doubling of the clamping points of the existing chuck
  • Compensating and fixed clamping
  • One set of top-jaws for the whole chuck clamping range
  • Ideal for machining deformation sensitive parts
  • Outstanding roundness results

How it works

The oscillating system allows compensation under the 6 jaws while still clamping centrically. The compensation allows all clamping points to contact the workpiece evenly and with the same force to the workpiece. Clamping systems with more than three clamping points without compensation leads to an over-determined clamping situation and particularly bring thinwalled workpieces into a forced position with a high proportion of deformation. This disadvantage does not exist with INOZet® by using the compensation technic. Due to the serration on the upper side of the pendulums, workpieces can be clamped in the entire chuck diameter range with one set of top jaws (6 pieces). Only a single set of jaws is required for small and large diameters as well as for internal and external clamping. The use of hard jaws for rough machining as well as the use of turned soft jaws for the second operation is equally possible.

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