5-axis centering vice

Reduced to the essentials, SOLIDGrip vices nevertheless offer a wide range of possible applications. Whether raw part clamping with stamping technology, clamping in smooth jaws or  clamping of contour parts – SOLIDGrip is the right solution.

Cheaper &
flexible all-rounder

Clamping with form-fit offers a number of major advantages over clamping methods using force or frictional clamping. Due to the external pre-stamping of the blanks outside the vice, no high forces have to be generated in the clamping device itself. All force-intensive processes are transferred from the clamping device to the stamping station, thus eliminating the need for force intensifiers or comparable in the clamping device. This allows the SOLIDGrip vices to be designed compactly and with nearly no collision contours. The purely mechanical actuation is as simple as it is sufficient, due to the form-fit connection only minimal clamping forces are required with the highest holding forces at the same time.

  • SOLIDGrip clamping jaws with holding teeth on both sides
  • Compatible with Prägefix and MakroGrip from Lang
  • Smooth clamping areas for clamping without stamping technology
  • Best accessibility due to minimal collision contours
  • Centering accuracy 0,02 mm
  • Optionally equipped with SOLIDPoint® or SOLIDBolt bolts
  • Compatible with QuickPoint and MakroGrip

How it works

As simple as it is ingenious. The SOLIDGrip vices consist of 8 individual parts because the design has been pared down to the essential. The design was determined by the function in order to generate the maximum benefit in practice and the focus is on accessibility, handling and flexibility. The SOLIDGrip clamps can be used with various accessory options in addition to the blank clamping for the most varied clamping tasks.

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