Mechanical zero point technology

SOLIDPoint® is a development of HWR, which has a significantly higher pull-in force than the systems already on the market in addition to the established properties. Combination plates with 96 and 52 grids in one plate are also possible! The SOLIDPoint® locking technology also consists of significantly less components than comparable systems. This results in only minimal friction losses and 3 times higher locking forces are generated.

Making the good even better

Since 2003 we at HWR have been dealing with stamping and zero point clamping technology. During this time, we have inspired more than 1000 customers to use this technology and the number is growing! After the end of our cooperation with Lang, we have developed our own zero-point systems and have further developed the well-tried technology. Our drive is to make something good even better. We have succeeded in doing this with a locking function based on a slider mechanism. In addition to the 3-fold higher pull-in force, our customers are now able to use the zero point plates even more effectively. The highlight, however, is the possibility to realize both 96 and 52 grids in one plate. Expensive adapter plates are no longer necessary!

  • Manual actuation
  • Combination of 96 & 52 grid in one plate possible
  • Compatible with QuickPoint from Lang
  • Optimized holding forces

How it works

With 2 locking slides and a threaded spindle with opposite rotation, the mechanism consists of only 3 components and thus has only minimal friction losses. By a 45° arrangement of the locking force lines within the mechanism, we additionally increase the pull-in forces and produce a repeatable safe clamping.

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