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Square and round components are clamped with the INO® clamping system in an optically concentric manner. As a result, your components can be manufactured at a lower cost. In particular when clamping deformation-susceptible components …

Devising simple, effective & intelligent clamping solutions is a challenge that requires creativity, experience & self-confidence.

We, as an HWR team, stand for the courage needed to take on near-impossible things. Driven by the constant challenge of providing innovative enhancements, we have devised the INOLine® product range and produce them in quality and precision. This path will lead us to other new products. INOFlex®, INOZet®, INOTop® are products meeting the constantly intensifying requirements in turning and milling work. Up-to-the-minute machine tools need universally deployable clamping systems to come up with maximum accuracies. Both cubic and round components are clamped with the INO® clamping system in an optically concentric manner. As a result, your components are manufactured at low cost. In particular when clamping deformation-susceptible components, excellent results can be achieved with the INO® clamping systems.

INOLine® – practical solutions
for practical applications

The [INOLine] product range is unique – and a good example of the solution-oriented approach of our development team. The products have been especially engineered for combined clamping of the most varied of product geometries. The patented INOFlex® mechanism enables, for instance, round, rectangular and geometrically irregular parts to be clamped in a centrically compensating manner. Thanks to INOZet® practically every 3-jaw chuck is retrofitted into a compensating 6-jaw chuck with a maximum concentricity of thin-walled workpieces. Despite a completely different technical approach, similar results are achieve4d with INOTop® jaws. Although these chucks clamp rings and sleeves without clamping pressure onto the workpiece geometry, the components still remain firmly gripped. Supplemented by our standard and customised clamping jaws, we are your partner for your clamping tasks.

INOLine® – clamping technology
with know-how!

The greatest benefit our customers have aside from our turning and milling products is our service and track record in clamping technology which extends over 3 decades. Whether standard or customised solutions are involved, our entire HWR team is there to prepare the solution to fit your requirements for the clamping tasks. We are more than willing for our abilities to be put to the test and for our staff and products to be available on the spot at your machine for your clamping tasks.


30 years of experience
and innovation

Three decades of market experience have shown us what works in clamping technology. From our expertise, the INOLine® and SOLIDLine products have emerged.


Worldwide marketing
and support

We cooperate with over 25 trade partners across the globe in a fine-meshed network to market our products internationally.

Zeit & Geld

Save valuable time
with HWR products

HWR products represent practical solutions for practical applications. Our clamping technology saves you time and money.

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