Chip fan for cleaning the machine table

The [SOLID]Clean cleaning propeller is used to clean the machine table. Chips, chip nests and coolant residues can be removed easily and efficiently. Whether after dry machining or machining with coolant, [SOLID]Clean reduces water and chip carry-over to a minimum. Especially indispensable for automated processes!


• The SOLIDClean fan may be clamped in a 20 mm standard collet or Weldon tool holder
• The SOLIDClean fan is stored just like a common tool in the tool magazine and selected automatically via CNC program
• Proir to the cleaning process workpieces and fixtures can be cleanded with coolant using the supply through the spindle (No rotation of the spindle!)

Cleaning process

1. Rinsing
If possible, first flush away chips over IKZ and stationary spindle.


2. Drying
Accelerate the spindle in two steps. Start with 1,500 rpm. Then accelerate the spindle to the required and permissible speed.

The SOLIDClean fan already cleans efficiently in the medium rpm range.



Turn the SOLIDClean fan (clockwise) with sufficient distance. Please note that the interfering contour and thus also the risk of collision changes dynamically when the spindle
accelerates (wings fold out) and when the spindle stops (wings fold in). Keep sufficient distance to the workpiece at all times.


The SOLIDClean fan must be used in enclosed machining centers only. It is necessary to replace damaged wings, for this purpose we offer the appropriate spare parts kits.

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