INOFlex VL with centrifugal force compensation

4-jaw weight-reduced manual chuck with centrifugal force compensation
  • highest speeds in its class
  • now even higher clamping forces
  • low overall height
  • highest variety of sizes
  • 2 + 2 centrically compensating clamping
  • centric clamping with 2 jaws
  • clamping with 1 or 2 fixed stops
  • low maintenance thanks to sealing construction
  • minimal clamping force loss thanks to centrifugal force compensation
  • precise, efficient with high repeat accuracy
  • high table loading due to weight-optimized chuck body

The definition of flexibility & precision!

HWR has responded to the development of modern machine tools and further developed the flexible chuck INOFlex® VL. The INOFlex® VL chuck is now available with centrifugal force compensation. INOFlex® permits compensating centric clamping of round, rectangular and also geometrically unshaped parts.

In the range from Ø 160 – 1200 mm, INOFlex® combines the advantages of the 2-, 3-, 4-jaw chuck and vice and through its patented compensation feature it avoids the disadventages such as the over-determinedness.

  • with hydraulic actuation
  • Clamping of round, square/ rectangular and irregular parts
  • suitable for components sensitive to deformation
  • internal and external clamping
  • can also be used as a centering vice with just 2 jaws
  • Made in Germany

How it works

In a conventional chuck, all drive parts move in the same direction around the centre (e.g. wedge bar, wedge hook, scroll), either towards or away from the centre. The drive of the INOFlex®-4-jaw chuck ( concentric compensation ) moves towards or apart on two parallel axes. Compensation is provided by connecting the diametrically opposed slides with levers or a sliding sliding gate-type gear. The compensating technology allows round, cubic, geometrically irregular workpieces to be machined concentric to the clamping device/ rotary axis in turning and milling operations.

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