The new INOFlex® VT-S will be presented for the first time to the general public at the EMO in Hannover. Aside from the revised design, application parameters such as centering  precision have been enhanced.

After the presentation of the INOFlex® VT chuck with trough hole at the METAV 2016 in Düsseldorf, HWR officially presented the successor model INOFlex® VT-S at the EMO 2019.

The revised version impressive by its high precision and an enormous clamping force.

When using soft turned-out jaws, the INOFlex® VT-S chuck achieves clamping repeat accuracies of less than 0.004mm regardless of the jaw position or insertion position.

With the patented compensation and the arrangement as a 4-jaw chuck it can clamp round as well as angular components. A particular advantage is the sensitive clamping of components sensitive to deformation. Due to the construction with compensation and 4-jaws, improved roundness of up to 9 times is achieved. With InoFlex®, even the secure clamping of cast parts due to the patented compensation is no longer a problem.

The motto: “Why clamp with 3-jaws while 4-jaws can do more” has become a principle of thought at HWR. We can clamp much more effectively, flexibly and safely with the compensating 4-jaw chuck than with a 3-jaw chuck, and at a comparable price with a conventional 3-jaw quick-change chuck.

INOFlex® VT-S 026 through hole power chuck

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