HWR Workholding empowers American Industry

German Clamping Technology

The innovative INOLine® and SOLIDLine clamping technology by HWR spanntechnik from Germany is now easily available to domestic manufacturers. To meet the growing demand for its technology in the American marketplace, HWR has set up a subsidiary, HWR Workholding USA Inc., in Noblesville, Indiana.

Noblesville, IN (May 20, 2022) – 10 years after successfully entering the US market, HWR Spanntechnik further strengthens its presence in America. Since 2022, industrial customers can purchase INOLine® and SOLIDLine clamping systems directly through HWR’s US subsidiary HWR Workholding Inc. In addition to faster delivery of Made-in-Germany clamps, HWR Workholding also offers on-site customer service via its nationwide sales network. Says Matthias Meier, member of the management board of HWR Spanntechnik: “When put to the test, the quality and performance of our INO® and SOLID products meets the demands of our customers. If support is required, we are able to meet our customers on site, and we can do it fast.”

Enabling American Manufacturers HWR Workholding focuses on sales to medium-sized US machine builders as well as industry leaders. Says Thomas Saur, president and managing director of HWR Workholding USA and long-standing expert in the American machine tool industry: “Our mission is to make HWR Spanntechnik’s pioneering Made-in-Germany quality accessible to American companies of all sizes.” In America, HWR’s existing customer base includes well-known representatives from the fields of tool & die, job shop, aviation, military industry, and medical technology.

Simple, good, and clever: INOLine® With INOLine® , HWR Workholding offers clamping solutions specifically designed for flexibility. These are precision systems for optimum clamping of both round, square, and irregularly shaped, as well as deformation-sensitive parts. The INOLine’s® adaptability to your every task increases the efficiency and comfort of your matching processes, while lowering production costs. The classic INOLine® clamping system is INOFlex® . This compensating 4-jaw chuck is an affordably priced allrounder for use on turning and milling machines.

A SOLID Addition to your Machines

With SOLIDLine, HWR recreates the success of the INOLine® clamping system in the field of milling. SOLIDLine combines engineering ingenuity with absolute dedication to customer needs. SOLIDPoint machinists will install vises on this purely mechanical zero-point clamping system in a matter of seconds. SOLIDPoint is the perfect interface between zero-point clamps, vises and workpieces, providing more holding power compared to other clamping systems commonly available.

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