GROB Werkzeugmaschinen introduces INOFlex® into its production

Headquartered in Mindelheim, GROB-WERKE is a global company with a family culture that has been deeply anchored for generations. Employing 5,300 employees worldwide, the company’s portfolio includes universal machines, complex manufacturing systems, assembly systems and more. To its customers, GROB’s machines and systems solutions represent a standard for precision and reliability.

To retain its premiere position,  GROB emphasizes constant improvement across its own production. In recent years, these efforts have included the integration of [INOLine] workholding into its operations.

Mr. Frühschütz, the GROB team member responsible for tool management, was initially introduced to [INOLine] via Atos GmbH, a supplier of metal processing solutions that represents HWR. Atos initially presented Mr. Frühschütz with information INOFlex® chucks and how these products could enhance GROB’s production.

Once he was convinced, Mr. Frühschütz worked together with Mr. Schmalz of Atos and Mr. Maniscalco of HWR to develop the business case for adopting INOFlex®. This team of three worked together to demonstrate to GROB’s purchasing decision makers that the INOFlex® compensating chuck with centrical clamping could provide just as much gripping power as a 3-jaw chuck and with greater precision.

Following a demonstration by Mr. Maniscalco to a team of 15 GROB employees, the company decided to acquire a 500 mm INOFlex® chuck and an INOZet® pendulum bridge.

Through the INOZet® pendulum bridge, the INOFlex® 4-jaw chuck can be transformed into  a compensating pendulum 8-jaw chuck. This solution has “overtaken” the widely used 6-jaw chuck.

Upon adoption of the new solution, GROB selected a part to test its capabilities. The component required a considerable outlay and, up to that point, was achieving concentricity of 0.3 mm. Mr. Schaufel, a GROB foreman, worked on the project and took responsibility for monitoring and documenting the results. With the combination of INOFlex® and INOZet®, concentricity was reduced to just 0.02 mm.

“We are delighted with the INOFlex® chuck,” said Mr. Schaufel. “We economized on expensive sanding-down straight away. Furthermore, this chuck requires hardly any maintenance, as it is excellently sealed even when cast machining is involved.”

From day one, the new systems provided GROB with cost savings in its production.

“We will continue down this path, and more INOFlex® chucks will be integrated into Grob’s production”, said Mr. Frühschütz, who looks forward to continuing to work together with both Atos and HWR.

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